Fin&Tech Summit is an event organised by Montaigne Conseil

As a financial consultancy firm that is resolutely focused on new technologies, Montaigne Conseil is dedicated to private and professional financial advice. By
organising Fin&Tech Summit, Louis Alexandre de Froissard, founder and director of Montaigne Conseil, questions the current and future place of FinTechs in a complex and ever-changing environment and in what way they can be a growth driver for


With the support of the Bordeaux Bar Incubator

The Bordeaux Bar Incubator was launched in 2017 and is a digital development accelerator whose aim is to foster innovation and the dissemination of best practices within the legal profession. Pierre Gramage, vice-president of the Bordeaux Bar and responsible for the launch of the incubator, explains that «Fin&Tech Summit will enable a large number of lawyers to become fully accustomed to new technologies. »