Danielle Guzman

I’m not just an ordinary Marketer.

My business cards say things like Global Head of Customer Insight, Global Head of Product Development, Vice President of Marketing, Director of Sponsor & Partner Marketing, Business Development Account Manager, Manager of Event Marketing & PR, etc.

BUT when you get down to the heart of things and get to know me, I’m much more. I’m a learner, a listener, a communicator, a social media enthusiast, and above all, I am relentless.

My passion is to lead change, launch new things and ensure they succeed. As a leader, I work with people where they are, figure out their needs and show up prepared to add value to their lives. I love what I do – whether I’m building a team, writing a brief, practicing yoga or being a mom. Oh, and I’m a great cook. (I make an incredible pernil and flourless chocolate cake, really).

I’m captivated and engaged by social leaders, by a company with a clear mission and vision, by people who prioritize speaking to their customers, by corporate culture and by my team members.

I love meeting new people. Reach out if you want to talk marketing, social media or cooking, in no particular order. You can find me on Twitter at guzmand too.

Ranked No. 6
Top 50 Influencers in the world of InsurTech by InsurTech News (April 2017)

Ranked No. 5
Women in Finance Power 100 (February 2017)

Ranked No. 2
InsTech Power 100 Leaderboard (January 2017)

Ranked No. 12
Top 50 Influencers in the world of InsurTech by InsurTech News (January 2017)

Ranked No. 10
100 Most Influential CMOs by Richtopia (January 2017)

Ranked No. 17
InsurTech: Top 100 Influencers and Brands by Onalytica (December 2016)

20 Finserv Marketing Influencers You Should be Following by Synthesio.com (Sept 2016)

Specialties: Marketing Strategy, Leadership, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Product Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Integrated Marketing, Customer Insight, Product Development, Multicultural Marketing, Marketing Communications.


Danielle Guzman