Eric Mac Nicoll

Eric Mac Nicoll

Co-founder and Co-Ceo, Kaira Technologies

Co-founder of Kaira Technologies, a fintech whose ambition is to radically change the way people manage their finances and give them the means to regain financial well-being.

With over 25 years of experience at Desjardins, one of the major financial institution in Canada, Eric is a financial services industry veteran with a history of envisioning and leading technological innovation and implementation.

During his tenure, Eric has spearheaded the growth of Desjardins’ digital channel operations from nearly 500M transactions per year to more than 1 billion. He has been responsible for setting up new strategic channels such as the mobile and connected devices offering, thereby exponentially increasing sales growth on digital channels.

In the last 3 years, he made the leap into Fintech having been responsible for the European business development of a Fintech offering a solution in Artificial Intelligence and more recently, he co-founded Kaira Technologies.