Yohan Trepanier

Holding a B.Eng. from ETS in software engineering, Yohan has led technical teams, efficiently developing products by enabling collaboration among various business units. Previously in a role of lead developer for a 6 people team in interactive multimedia at Réalisations Montreal, he worked on projects around the world, from Toronto to New York to Abu Dhabi. In Montreal, he connected the Jacques-Cartier bridge light installation to the city’s real-time digital pulse. Trilingual and violin player, Yohan loves the outdoors and is an avid traveller.

Key achievements:
– Managed, developed and delivered software for more than 5 large-scale multimedia projects around the world
– Supervised the development team at Réalisations Montreal for 2 years while the company grew from 10 to 25 employees.
– As a software lead, led the ÉTS robotics team from the 20th to 3rd place in a worldwide annual competition

Yohan’s role at Flare Systems as a VP of Product is to define the priorities, targets and milestones based on the vision and direction of the company by coordinating sales, marketing and technology efforts. He is also responsible for customer success and additionally has a hands-on involvement in the sales process.